Friday, 29 March 2013


Today 29.03.2013


I want to start by congratulating the bride and the groom. It is a special day not only for them, but for me as well. Today is her 'akad nikah' day... I'm so happy for her... Still can't believe she's going to get married... hahahha.... who ever read my post, she's already married at the moment you read my post... heee.... Here we go…

Eryn and I met 13 years ago at Kolej DPAH Abdillah. Even though over the years life has taken us in different directions and we don't always have the chance to meet each other as often as we would like, there's something special about our friendship that will always remain the same. No matter how much time has passed, we're always able to pick up right where we left off.

I still remember how and when you met Ayyom, because we’ve always been together at school and I still remember how happy you are when you are with him. The moment both of you said that you’re going to get married, I pretend not to look surprised and I pretend to be cool. Hahaha, but actually, I'm absolutely excited and happy that you're married to your soul mate and best friend.

 I cannot wait to see what the years hold for you two. I can't wait to be Auntie to your kiddo's. Amin. I am so happy to know you two are going to be sharing life and love together in the years to come.

 I wish you two nothing but the best of love and happiness. May you never take each other for granted, love each other which love will take you to places where you've both only dreamed. I love both of you.
Enjoy yourself, laugh, and take every moment for what they create, the beginning of this next part of your life.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sushi Bonanza now RM3! No more RM2!

untuk kawasan KUCHING, sushi bonanza akan start pada 8-11 Apr. so, sapa2 yg ada member card bleh enjoy this promotion... Tapiiiiii... dah xda RM2, now naik jadi RM3... hahahha.. xpelaaaaa... REDHA jerrr...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013... New year

Tahun ni no celebration for new year sbb....... Blek keja, g mkn, b4 12pm da tdo..

Asal tahun baru mesti org akan tanya soalan wajib... "Apa azam tahun ni?"



Nak jadi kaya bleh??



Mestilaaa kena....


So apa plak azam anda?

Hepy new year kawan2!! :)
Semoga anda akan dpt capai azam anda semua :)

With love:
Miss shah neeyza

Monday, 27 August 2012

Raya 2012

sama mcm tahun2 lepas...
just this year no more celebrate raya as student..
so a bit different..
raya ke 5 dh pgi keja balik.. boringggg...
will post some photos next time..
a very short update from me.. hahahaha..
Have a good day ahead people ;)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Setelah sekian lama......

Lama da x update...
sekarang ni tgh final exam...
bru lepas 1 paper..
xleh jwb, wat jwpn sendiri je..
x sama mcm apa yg d blaja..
last KBKK la jwb nya... huhuhu
hopefully lepas la paper ni sbb skrg dh final sem..
Pray for me :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hey, hey hey! Ikut dan Mengikut

masing2 ada pandangan masing2... suka atau x, kene terima.. nak jadi kwn ade 2 jenis, di ikut atau mengikut..
kadang2 rasa diri ni mengikut je, kdg2 plak rasa di ikut.. haha.. apekah.. hurrm
kene consider n dgr pandangan masing2 dan jgn cepat melatah..
hee... kadang2 apabila rasa diri terpinggir, duduk dan muhasabah diri apa kita dh buat kat org..
mungkin salah kita mungkin salah mereka..
if still rasa terpinggir gak, meh kita enjoy! haha.. so, xde la rasa lgi.. hahaha... 

Monday, 11 July 2011


ok.. i'm getting tired after doing so many tutorial bout this blog... sighhhh...need some rest... NOT rest in peace... hahahaha..... gudnyte love :)